What We Do

  1. To promote the awareness of the importance of nutrition in the prevention of diseases to members.
  2. To enhance the awareness of the importance of comprehensive nutrition among members.
  3. To act as a platform to invite health authorities such as doctors, nurses, nutritionist and other healthcare personnel and organizations to provide health education opportunities for the members as well as the general public, with the approval of relevant authorities.

Advertisments & Sponsorships

Contact us for online sales information. To ensure that your inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate Sales Group, be sure to include details about your advertising needs.

Since the launch of our website, we have regularly sought sponsorships and advertisements from relevant commercial organizations, manufacturers, and other leaders dedicated to providing health and lifestyle information. We provide opportunities for sponsors to bring you their marketing message and information about their products and services by publishing their information or links within our site. We take several steps to ensure that you can clearly identify content that is provided by and is under the editorial control of our sponsors before you view it, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to view it.